We celebrated "Lag BaOmer"... don't ask me what this holiday is about- because I don't really know. But what you do is making bonfires, bake potatoes in the blaze and roast some marshmallows. We celebrated at my brother in laws place.

 Helen likes when Savta (grandmother) reads stories to her. And Neomi took a picture of me and my husband.

 On Sunday we had a "Lag BaOmer" celebration with the day care of Neomi. We made a bonfire and made a picnic for dinner. The kids sang songs and their teacher and one grandfather told stories.

Inspired by the list Darcy made on her blog and by various other bloggers I want to make a list myself every now and then. A list about the things I am grateful for, the things I loved in the passed days and the things I am happy about. Here my first version:

- The strong, sweet smell of the jasmine flowers
- The fields with the hay bales, glowing golden in the evening sun
- The songs of the birds in the early morning

- To talk to my sisters on Skype and to be able to see my small niece this way
- Neomi singing a song with her friends from the day-care and enjoying herself so much.
- Watching Helen still napping when I come to get her from the day-care.

- My husband's Persian rice- I could eat tons of it! He's a master in cooking this dish.
- Strawberries fresh from the garden
- A delicious fish dish in a restaurant at the beach in Tel Aviv while watching the sun set with my husband
- halva cookies
- fresh, crispy, homemade bread bread- straight from the oven

- Evening walks with the kids and my husband
- wearing my twirly, turquoise skirt

Have a wonderful day!

How annoying- today I can't leave any comments in other blogs... I don't know, if it is only my problem that my profile never shows... hope tomorrow will be back to normal!


Darcy said…
I love this list! Thank you, it made my day!

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