thuesday's handmade

Some things to dream about and get inspired!
The absolutely beautiful "dream guardian" from "herzensart". I am sure Neomi would find it very funny to see his small penis (she would call it "bulbul") :o) I love the shape, shine and idea of it and would not mind one guarding my dreams!

I found this boat on this blog, made by Ann Wood. There are more of them and they float beautifully in the air. Makes me itchy to create something similar…

And this drawing by Oliver Jeffers is already a long time on my computer. I just love it. It's from a story he wrote; "how to catch a star".

Have a great day!


Anonymous said…
:-) Wieso cha ich do e Kommentar ohni Account oder sünsch öppis hinterloo und bim andere Blogg nid (--> Ringelreihe)? Mues ich e GoogleAccount uf mache?.... S'Chärtli isch sehr schön!!!!

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