weekend ends

Saturday evening and the weekend is coming to an end... way too soon as always.
Yesterday it was very hot (35 degrees Celsius) and dry- which makes my hay-fever wores and I am all moody. I managed to sew a bit. I am making a twirly dress for Neomi- but I will only show it when it's finished. 
I made a very easy, fast and delicious poppy-cherry-cake (find the recipe here in German and Italian) and today not much is left. (So if you want a piece you need to hurry!)

Today in the morning it RAINED! How crazy is that!? I mean we usually have the last rain somewhere in April and then nothing until October or November. This year we were blessed with rains in May too. But now it is already the end of May... Especially Helen loved it.  She stomped around with here bare feet on the wet wood. Later in the day it got hot again and we played some football in the garden. The girls were the goal keepers :o)


Petra said…
While I'm reading your blog, my husband and sons are watching Champions League Football. Edwin van der Sar, a famous Dutch goalkeeper, is playing his last game (Manchester United vs. Barcelona). What a coincidence. Your girls are well aware of the fact that they need proper gloves!
Ulla V. said…
Such gorgeous little goalkeepers. :)) I love that they have goal keeper gloves on. ;))

Walking in bare feet in the rain is so great. I actually still do that in the summer. And I must admit that I go through puddles if I have the chance to do so. ;)))

Enjoy the rest of the weekend with your family. :))
rahel said…
The goal-keeper-gloves are working gloves for the garden :o)

I used to lay in the garden of my parents in the summer-rain. And I love to walk through puddles too...
Deine Mädels sind ja tolle Torhüter :-) Süß!
Hab jetzt gerade auch erst deine letzten Posts angeschaut. Auf einem Bild kann man ja dich etwas genauer sehen ;-)
Liebe Grüße

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