a morning at the beach

Yesterday we started early and went to the beach. It takes maybe half an hour by car to get there but still it was only our 2nd time this summer. For a long time there were too many jelly fishes and then it was too hot… Now I promised myself that we will go more often until it will be too cold.

The girls so much enjoy to be in the water, to feel the waves, to look for fishes, to dig in the sand… We all enjoyed it very much. I just don't like the sticky feeling from the salt water afterwards and the sand everywhere…

We usually go to a beach that is part of a nice nature reserve. It's nice in the winter there too- to sit on the rocks in the southern part and watch the waves and in spring there are many beautiful flowers everywhere.
After a fun morning we went to eat in "paradise" on our way home. Faradis (Arabic for paradise) is an Arabic town and we love to eat there fresh humus (chickpea-paste), labane (thick yoghurt), falafel and pita.
A perfect morning! :o)


Liebe Rahel, ich bin schon gespannt auf "Your story - part two"! Aber so wie Du es erzählt hast scheint es fast unausweichlich gewesen zu sein, einmal in Israel zu landen ;-) Ein bißchen zurück zu Deinen Wurzeln ;-) Danke für die schöne Geschichte!
Liebste Grüße! Eri

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