on the earth piles

Yesterday after the day-care I went with the girls to the earth piles on the edge of the kibbutz. Altough it was hot and humid we had a fun time and it was much better than staying at home. They baked some earth-cakes, digged and made small hills and jumped from the piles.

"I am warm...."


Süße Bilder! Nur warum gibt es so große Erdhügel bei Euch im Kibbutz?
Liebe Grüße! Eri
rahel said…
Liebe Eri,
Das ist hauptsaechlich Erde, die die Gaertner brauchen.
nic said…
beautiful. i love the airborne photo!
Petra said…
Happy pictures! By the way, was your strike helpful?
rahel said…
hmmm- the strike helped in some way- now only time will tell. Thanks for asking!

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