tuesday's handmade

Is autumn approaching? Do I long for colder days? I guess so... Here some adorable handmade caps for kids.

 from zoik

and by the way- I ordered this wonderful hairclip from DFinn from this post.
I just hope it will arrive before we will fly to Switzerland... I ordered a bit late...


Das Tiermützchen ist ja ganz besonder lieb! Ja, leider, der Herbst kommt auch hier langsam aber sicher *zwinker* Aber am Wochenende wir noch einmal kräftig gewander! Liebste Grüße! Eri
Darcy said…
We received the ponytail holders in the mail today and the girls were THRILLED, so thank you very much. Parker kept saying "it has a P for me! for me!" I'll try to get a few good pics of them on the girls. Hope you have a good vacation! I can't wait to see the pictures!

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