Today is the last day of Hanukkah- the festival of lights. I had enough of all those celebrations- especially since this year it is at the exactly same time as Christmas. Anyway- what I always like is the evening with the fire-show. The youngsters from the kibbutz prepare everything by themselves and everyone is comming to take a look. All the kids have lanterns and it is a nice atmosphere. Afterwards there was a soup-dinner in the dining room where there are typical decorations of paper cuts that look very nice- see below.

We also celebrated Christmas with the other Christian-Jewish families of the kibbutz... we are getting more every year (more kids, that is :o)
We went for a walk in the dark in search of Santa, found a decorated tree in the fields and met Santa. Later we hade some good hot wine and various cakes and the kids opened presents and we played games.
At home we will celebrate with a delay tomorrow because my parents will arrive today for a visit. I am already looking forward to meet them again!


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