back to food...

It's great- I can think about food again! After almost 2 months... I can finally read food blogs again, think about cooking, open the fridge, go grocery shopping WITHOUT feeling sick! How great is this?
So to celebrate with you- here some nice links:
Love the wintersalad above- although I can't get all ingredients here. From foto e fornelli (German and Italian)

Mmm... some salmon would be nice too- with latkes (a kind of potato pancake... typically for the Jewish Hannuka-holiday that is comming up next week)- from Chili und Ciabatta (German only)

I love apple tarts- but this one is a special version with apple compote and it looks so wonderful.... from tartelette.

And this way of making french toast is just perfect for this time of the year! From Sweet Paul.

Apart from all this I have strange carvings- which I did not have during the other two pregnancies... sauerkraut with sausages, red cabage with apples, anything sour and good meat (even though I don't eat much meat generally... and I could even live without).

Bon Appetit- or as we say in Swissgerman: E Guete!


Petra said…
Glad to see you back on track! And I love red cabage with apples too, and I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant! (Mmm, and sauerkraut and good meat by the way...Not much of a fish-eater in wintertime)
Anne said…
I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year !!!! Eine besinnliche Zeit, lecker Essen, Spaß und Freude und einen guten Rutsch in das neue Jahr 2012 schickt dir mit Engelsflügeln Wolkenfee Anne

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