the season of the citrus fruits

Saturday was beautiful weather- like most days now. Cold (for Israel), but lovely, clean air and strong colours. I love the yellow leafes against the blue sky (not all trees here lose their leafes).We went for a walk inside the Kibbutz and picked some oranges and kumquats and red grapefruits. Of course from trees we know we are allowed to pick from- I hate when people just sneak into privat/ half privat gardens and pick everything... same with our pecan nuts- some people think they can just come and collect all the nuts from the ground in our garden!
I even managed to make a small amount of kumquat-jam. I love the bitter-sweet taste of it.

The girls went on their tractor-tour and climbed every tractor they saw... and later they played in the first heap of fallen leafes in our garden.

This week my husband is in the States and I am home alone with the girls. Thank God I feel better and manage to cook. I trick the girls into going to sleep early- otherwise I would fall asleep before they do...


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