another week passed

I survived a week alone with the girls while my husband was in the States. Although still tired a lot, I feel so much better now. My husband came back and spoiled us rotten with presents. He bought new shoes and jeans for the girls and for me and him new jackets, I got a new pullover.... and the girls each a new "pet"- Helen the above cameleon (she's not going anywhere without him now) and Neomi a fish (Nemo).... prices must be soooo low in the States now with all those sales and extra sales and discounts...
All those things would have cost here much more.

It's kind of snowing in our garden... not snow, but yellow leaves from the pecan tree. We made huge piles of leaves and jumped into them... it's so much fun!
And we made fresh orange juice...

The Christmas-present for the girl also took shape over the weekend. It's not finished yet- still some things missing. My husband started to build the stable. That's how it looks so far:

Since we will celebrate Christmas only on the 28th (my parents will arrive on the 27th) we still have a bit time to finish.


Oh, der Stall sieht schon seeeehr vielversprechend aus! Mein Papa hat uns Mädchen mal ein Puppenbett selbst gebaut - das war mein liebstes Weihnachtsgeschenk!
Genießt noch eine ruhige Zeit!
Liebste Grüße!

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