December started. I even managed to hang the advent-calender with all the small presents. This year the presents are mostly books (not new one, but with stories for this time of the year) and creative stuff.

Yesterday someone in my office cut a lot of paper and I took all the left over stripes and I taught Neomi how to weave. She was not very patience but she managed a small piece. Next time will be easier.

Today there were feathers in all kinds of colours inside the calendar and we made some collages with them and with paper. The girls really enjoyed it and they were occupied for quite a while. Some of the collages we will leave at the windows- they look nice when light shines through.
( I put some plastic sheet that is sticky on one side on the windows, the girls stuck the feathers and paper on the sheets and then I covered the collages with another sheet)

Have a happy weekend!


Petra said…
First we celebrate St. Nicolaas on monday 5th and then i will climb up the attic to pick up the box with advent and christmassy stuff. My father made us an adventwreath with four candles and we're crafting just like you. We're making an all handmade tree this year!
rahel said…
We will kind of celebrate "Samichlaus" (like St. Nicolaas) on the 6th with lots of peanuts and oranges and gingerbread and baked, small figures and hot cacao... only that he won't come to here until Christmas... always a bit a complicated thing to explain the kids. I grew up with Samichlaus coming on the 6th- and here Santa is coming on Christmas....

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