3 weeks to go until Purim. The kids and I started to prepare the costumes. Helen decided that she want's to be a snowman. She made the mask almost entirely by herself but now I need to help her with the "belly". She had some grand ideas but I do not have the material for it, so we will see how it will turn out with a simpler version.

Above you can see the mask at an earlier stage. Melanie from "Meine gruene Wiese" made some awesome astronaut helmets with her kids and used the same technique- take a look, they are super cute!

Apart from this I am sewing a baby blanket for my sister. She will give birth in March. I am very excited because this time I will fly to Switzerland and visit her. It's the 6th time I will become aunt to one of my sisters kids and I always wanted to hold one of them when they are newborn. Our kids are a bit jealous, because they also wanted to join...


Liebe Rahel,
ein Schneemann! Was für eine tolle Idee!
Zeigst du uns dann auch das fertige Kostüm?
Ganz liebe Grüße

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