Saturday morning I woke up early because I heard airplanes. Airplanes on Saturdays in Israel usually does not mean anything good.
A short while later I read in the news what it was all about. You might not have read about it- but let's say that we probably just escaped (for now) the start of a war... 

We spent the morning outdoors in the fields and went to see the blossom on the wild almond trees. It was beautiful and it took a bit away the thoughts about the news.

Some people say we will have a war in summer (I wonder why it's always supposed to be in summer). I pray that it won't happen. 

My husband came back from a two weeks business trip to Australia. We are all glad to have him back. My parents are here for a visit- to see the new house and enjoy the grand kids :-)

I hope you had a nice weekend and a good start into the new week.


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