It's Purim again. I never buy costumes. I don't mind buying some material to make a costume, but even then- nothing too expensive. So we usually make do with what we have and what we can easily get or recycle.
Another point is- the kids need to make their costumes by themselves. I do help though.

The middle one made a snowman this year. She wanted a bit a rounder belly, but in the end it was a bit more pear-shaped because I run out of  shredded paper for the stuffing. She made the mask almost completely by herself and even helped sewing the "dress"- a first time with the sewing machine. 

The youngest wanted to be an Indian. He had all kinds of ideas in mind from the impressions he got from a book about Indians... not everything was doable.
The dress is something the girls once brought home from a "give-and-take-market"- we added some things. The feathers, arrows and stick (I did not get what it was supposed to be for- but he insisted on it) are home made.

The oldest wanted to be a chocolate-chips-cookie. She also had a small basket with cookies to give to her friends/ schoolmates. She made the costume by herself. Next year she wants to be sunscreen... she always has those unconventional ideas...

We grown ups will have the party on Friday and I still need to finish our last-minute-costume...


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