another peaceful saturday

We had another peaceful Saturday. We spent all day outside in the garden- thanks to very nice weather. It is already middle of June and still not unbearable hot- love it!

While the girls played peacefully together I sat under the pecan-tree in the shadow and started a new knitting project- maybe I will manage to finish it until the winter will start. I am such a terribly slow knitter. But the arm-warmers I am knitting are simple to make...

While Helen was napping in the afternoon Neomi and I made paper-garlands for her birthday-party next Friday. I love those moments alone with her.


Ich bin auch so ein langsamer Stricker - aber so Wristwarmer h├Ątte ich auch gerne! Vielleicht ├╝berwinde ich mich und fange auch welche an? Mal sehen! Alles Liebe! Eri

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