gratitude list #2

My second gratitude list (online) 


- The big mulberry-tree in the courtyard at work
- Green parrots flying from tree to tree in the morning
- The blossom of a three that is leaving the ground covered with a beautiful,
   violet carpet
- A lonely stork, flying circles above my head
- A glowing beetle in the night


- Lying in the dark beside my husband and teaching him basics in German
- My husband , Neomi and I lying on the sofa in the evening, trying to find
  Walter in this book. (Where is Wally or Where is Waldo- in English)
- Helen's fascination of the CD-player- swinging from one leg to the other  to
  the sound of the music while we have a dance rehearsal
- Collecting pine nuts with Neomi
- Talking to my grandmother on her birthday- wishing to be with her though…


- The first couple of fresh cherries (terrible expensive this year)
- Lemony minty meatballs from this recipe
- I made my first ever cheesecake and it turned out just perfect


- Designing and painting the boards for Shavuot
- Reading the book "The help", written by Kathryn Stockett

Have a lovley day!


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