a new old bike

On Saturday Neomi turned 4. How time is running! How come that as a kid a year seems like an eternity and when you get older a year just seems to get shorter and shorter…

My husband and I fixed an old bike for her. We found the bike and it was still in a good shape- although for sure more than 20 years old. We took it apart, replaced some parts and painted it new. Neomi loves it and she now will have to practice to ride it.
Until now she had one of those wooden "like-a-bike" without pedals- a great bike!

Below one pictue that will for sure be one of my all-times-favourites. Neomi and her friend Noya on the tricycle.


Liebe Rahel,
ich wünsche deiner Maus nachträglich noch alles Liebe zum Geburtstag. Die Zeit vergeht wirklich wie im Wind. Unsere Maus wird im August auch schon 3! Sie kam doch gerade erst zur Welt?!
Über das Fahrrad freut sie sich bestimmt!
Ganz liebe Grüße nach Israel!
polwig said…
Beautiful photo... no wonder it is one of your favorites, not only is it adorable it is a great photo.. Happy 4th Birthday to Neomi !!

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