11 questions

I have been tagged by Darcy from "No monsters in My Bed" to answer her 11 questions. Since I love your blog, Darcy- here we go:
1.       What is your favorite children's book?

I have many favorites and they change- usually depending on how many times I need to tell them. But I really like Pippi Longstocking from Astrid Lindgren. What a great character! Great language (at least translated to German) and pretty amazing to think that Astrid Lindgren wrote the story almost 70 years ago! I also like the illustrations by Ingrid Nyman- this is to me the real Pippi.

2.      If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

New Zealand … or maybe to the States- to Montana? Or to the mountains in Switzerland or to Scandinavia? ... I can't decide- too many nice places.

3.      What is the best advice you've ever been given?

I really don't know…

4.      Name your top 3 favorite POP songs ever. Yes, I said POP.

Hmmm… I am not sure what would count as pop… I love "Killer Queen" by Queen,  "Grace Kelly" by Mika (the French version is even better), "Moondance" by Van Morrison (there's also a Hebrew version that I like)… well there are many and also this is subject to change J

5.      Who was your celebrity childhood crush?

Well, maybe not childhood- more when I was a teenager:  Kevin Costner and Ethan Hawke

6.      What is your least favorite part of your daily routine? Favorite part?

Least favourite: trying to get everyone out of bed and dressed in the morning…
Favourite: meet the kids at the daycare after work and do something together with them- and have a quiet time in the evening- either spending time with my husband or being creative…

7.      What did you always promise yourself you'd never do as a parent?

I don't recall if I ever promised myself something… but I do find myself behaving like my mother- this can be kind of funny.

8.      Biggest risk you've taken.

Looking back I would say: leaving home/ family/ friends (Switzerland) just to go and live in Israel with a man I knew hardly 8 months… at that point it just felt the most natural thing to do- and I did not regret it for a second! (does not mean that I am never homesick J)

9.      Most irritating thing people commonly say.


10.   What are you reading?

"The loop" from Nicholas Evans

11.    Best movie you've seen lately (as I'm nervous everyone will reply with the Hunger Games, maybe list two of the best movies you've seen lately).

Wow- I don't even recall the last time I saw a movie… I have not been to the cinema for maybe 3 years and on TV are hardly any good movies.
I generally love movies with Jack Nicholson, Louis de Funes, Roberto Benigni, Judy Dench and Meryl Streep. I also love "small" movies that come from all over the world.
And no- I haven't seen "the hunger games" and probably won't- it's not the kind of thing I like. My husband read the books and liked them.

Well, if I would have 11 questions for you:

1.       If you could learn something new- what would you choose?
2.      If you could choose a romantic weekend in a city with your partner- to which city would you like to go?
3.      If you could change something in your life- what would that be?
4.      How many kids you thought you would have and at what age- and how did it turn out in the end (if you have kids, of course…)?
5.      What is your favourite breakfast?
6.      How many siblings do you have and do you get along?
7.      If you could go back in time- which period of time would you choose?
8.      Do you remember your favourite toy when you were a kid?
9.      Did you ever wanted to be called by a different name that the one you have?
10.   What area would you call the "heart" or center of your house?
11.    What kind of books did you like to read as a child?

Whoever would like to answer the above questions in his/ her blog is more than welcome to do so- just leave a comment if you did…


Darcy said…
I love Moondance and Pippi too! Thank you so much for playing!!!
Darcy said…
oh, and Ethan Hawke. Huge Ethan Hawke crush. Huge. Especially after Before Sunrise came out. I still get chills when I watch that movie.
Anonymous said…
I played! :)

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