another shabat

On the weekend we worked a bit in the garden- mostly pruning since the soil is still too wet to do anything else. The girls picked red grapefruits and other citrus fruits and produced a lot of juice. Parts of it I froze. I read that you can freeze the juice- so I will try how this will turn out. It is just too much of a shame to waste all the fruits that are still hanging on the tree.
We also made "Hamantaschen"- a traditional cookie for Purim (find one of many versions here- we filled them with dates, orange peel and pecan). Neomi and Helen helped. That was fine in the beginning but then they start to annoy me and I sent them out to play in the garden… guess that sometimes I don't have the patience to tell too many times the same things ("no, don't do this, don't do this, don't do this….")- well- blame the pregnancy ;o)


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