happy purim

Today is Purim. The kids get dressed up and Neomi and Helen are pirates. Well- Helen was sick the whole week, so she is not really in the mood and still very weak... But Neomi is all into being a pirate with the sword my husband made her and the costume I sew her. I guess she was a tiny bit disappointed in the morning when she saw all the other girls dressed up as princesses (oh my goodness- this is sooooo boring... can't girls not just be something more than just cute and beautiful?)... at least there were two or three girls more that were not dressed as princesses either.
In the afternoon there will be some more celebrations.
The costume from last year you can see here.


Petra said…
cute little pirates! And isn't that the coolest hat ever!
Darcy said…
great pictures and great costumes. i wish my kids would be pirates - maybe next year.

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