cowl scarf

I did it! I am very proud. I am no big knitter... but anyway I started to knit again. It's just a nice thing to do and I can do it almost everywhere.
I finished my cowl shawl. I made a mistake though with the cable stitch- I forgot to "twist" one time... I made a nice felt owl brooch to cover up the mistake :o)
I was just too lazy to open the whole thing although my mother thought I should have.
My next cowl scarf I will make longer and less wide.

Now I will have to finish the second hand warmer- pictures from this one later.


vervlogen dagen said…
Ha ha, my mother would have said the same thing! But I would have done what you did. I love your cowl and the color too. I also enjoy knitting very much.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I love to knit, but I have no motivation to do it. :x

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