shall we?

So we are back since almost two weeks... and as I wrote before it was hard to come back. It's not that I don't like the place we are living in. It is a good place! It's just that I noticed more than ever the differences between Switzerland and Israel... and that I more than ever think about moving to Switzerland. But it's not an easy decision... I don't like changes a lot and to move would mean a LOT of changes for everyone.

my niece
We would have to find work (that is probably the hardest part- so if anyone knows something... :o)
The kids would have to leave their friends, but I guess they would make new friends fast.
For my husband it would be a huge change and he would have to rely a lot on me... and I know from my own experience, this is not easy at all.
We would have to find a place to live... and this could be tricky too. It's not that we have a lot of savings- I mean we have, but in Israeli Shekel and it's not worth a lot in Swissfrancs.... I guess I could live 1-2 years just somewhere, but only if I would know that eventually we could afford a tiny house in the countryside with garden...

my father
But there would be so many nice things- like high quality cheese, vegetables, fruits, milk, bread...
Public transportation, mountains, snow, water, wood...
Of course my growing family... (both of my sisters are expecting babies)
The much higher standard for everything that is built...
Much more vacation days (4-5 weeks compared to hardly 2 weeks here).
Salaries are much higher (My husband and I together earn hardly a Swiss minimum salary if we convert it to Swiss Francs)- but life is more expensive in Switzerland.

my mother
standing in the rain
Ah well- I don't know if we ever will go. But now would be for sure the time. Neomi will start school next summer and we need also to decide if we want to build a house here in the Kibbutz.

If you want to see more pictures take a look here and here.


vervlogen dagen said…
Lovely pictures Rahel! Switzerland is by far the most expensive country in Europe, but also a good one to raise children, I guess. Difficult decisions!
Anonymous said…
in these days switzerland is better for you and your childs

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