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The days are flying by. I could use extra hours every day to do all the stuff that I don't manage right now... baking christmas cookies and gingerbread and stollen, make all those creative, handmade presents that I still have in my head and all the lovely decoration... and even just simply to clean the house and mend clothes...

Two things I did cook in the last days and will make again:

Delicious warm apple pots- a kind of apple pie for lazy moments- and since we have a lot of pecan nuts from our tree a perfect way to use them. From the blog of ROOST.

And an absolutely delicious salad found on the blog of FOTO E FORNELLI.
It is originally from a book of Yotam Ottolenghi calles "Jerusalem"... Maybe I will buy this book (Although I generally do not buy cook books)

I also saw beautiful wooden blocks. They are expensive, but sure look good!
I am sure the kids would love them... or as decoration they would be lovely too.

Ah well- too many nice things can be found on the net.. :o)

I sent today all presents for my family in Switzerland- so that's one thing less to think about. Now I should get going with the present for Helen- her birthday is very soon- and with the advent calender.


vervlogen dagen said…
Although I love to cook (and buy and reed cook books), I seldom browse the internet for recipes. I don't know why that is. I know Yotam Ottolengi from his book "Plenty", which contains very nice recipes. I like it most when not only the recipes are good, but when it's well written too, like Nigella Lawson does.
Darcy said…
I'm on the library waitlist for the jerusalem cookbook, it's taking forever but hopefully the book will be good!

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