warm feet

Winter is not that cold here- but inside the houses it's always uncomfortably chilly due to non existent isolation. My house shoes are old but now the inner sole fell apart. So to keep my feet warm and cozy I made new soles from two layers of felt (white and red), hand stitched them together and added snowflakes.
I guess they would also be great inside gumboots.

Today was quite hot and very windy. We spent the day with friends, trying not to think too much about the war. I hope this madness will stop very soon. I hope the rockets will stop to fall on Israel. I hope the army will end their bombing of targets in Gaza. I hope we will learn to live in peace.


Karen said…
I love those delightful snowflakes! What a sweet idea.
Am so pleased that you visited my blog and enjoyed our little Martin's Unzug!
The madness seems not to want to stop in your region, I am thinking of you, please keep safe. xo Karen

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