please stop this!

I feel sick to the stomach! Yes, I admit that I am afraid...
While I am writing this, airplanes are noisily flying somewhere through the dark sky above our home.
I am mostly scared for my kids... those small, sweet, happy, curious creatures, sleeping now in their beds.
When will this part of the world know peace? Will it ever?

I wanted to be creative this evening. I wanted to make myself a hot cacao with whipped cream on top and knit and sew.... I don't feel like it anymore.

I hope this madness will stop VERY fast.

Maybe tomorrow I will show you what I made to keep my feet warm this winter...

We can need some prayers for peace.

Good night.


Anonymous said…
Just heard the news. Thinking of you and hoping for your safety and peace. Stay safe!
Liebe Rahel,
ich denke ganz fest an Euch!
Hab gerade auch die Nachrichten gelesen. Ich hoffe, Euch passiert nichts. Halte uns bitte auf dem Laufenden!
Hat Neomi nicht die Tage Geburtstag?
Ich wünsche Euch das Allerbeste!
Anonymous said…
ich kenne euch nicht, aber ich hoffe (ja was hoffe ich?!?!?!) mmmhhh das alles gut ausgeht, das... ach, ich denk einfach an euch.
vervlogen dagen said…
Oh Rahel, living in a safe and sound place I can't even imagine how it must be for you and your family. I will lit a candle and send good thoughts your way! L
Anonymous said…
listen to your heart and take your children to switzerland.
God save and will be with the "good in their heart and believing on the one God" from muslims, christian and jewehs

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