Wednesday, 29 August 2012

getting ready

I am preparing for our journey to Switzerland next week. The journals for the girls are ready. So far I made them one for each time we traveled to Switzerland and the last time Neomi also wrote everyday what she made (means- she told me what to write). Take also a look here.

I also prepared more story-telling-cards. The girls love them and Neomi is very good by now in making up stories. Helen is mostly describing what she can see on the cards, but that's good enough as a start. The idea is to choose some cards and make up a story involving what you can see on them. This will kill some time on the trip.

The other day the girls took out the basket with their crafting stuff... it often takes longer to tidy up afterwards than the time they actually create something...

Ah and yes.... we are not always happy and in a good mood... ;o)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

fire ball

Some years back I made "fire balls" for Neomi. That's how I call them- when they fly it looks like they have flames... Anyway- they started to look ugly so we decided to renew them.
They are a nice toy to play outside and you can use mostly things you already have at home and recycle them.

Cut some plastic bags open and then cut long stripes.
Collect all the stripes...
Take a piece of fabric (we used an old t-shirt) and place a ball in the middle.
Place all the plastic stripes underneath the ball. Them tie everything together with a string. Leave one end of the string long- that's where you can hold the ball later.
... and now let's play! Throw it high into the air, throw it as far as you can, swing it around in patterns...
Yotam got some plastic stripes tied to his trolley- he loves to watch them fly in the wind.

balloon balls

We had some days before the new school year started and the girls were at home all day. I had some small projects ready in case they were getting bored.
One thing we made were those balloon balls. I used to make them as a kid and they are easy to do- the small kids need help and the bigger ones can make them themselves. They are great for juggling, trying to hit targets (buckets, baskets...) or just squeeze them...

You need balloons, a filling (sand, rice, pearl barley) and a funnel. We don't have a funnel at home, so I used a rolled paper.

Fill a balloon with the filling. Push it inside to fill the balloon enough.
If you feel that you have enough filling, close the balloon with a knot and cut the remaining piece of the balloon.
Cut the long tube piece from another balloon and pull it over the ball. You can add as many layers of balloons as you like. You can also cut small holes in order to see the balloons underneath.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Yesterday I made with Helen small snack balls. They are easy to make with a toddler and they also taste good. You can vary the amounts of the ingredients or mix in something else...

You will need:

1 jar of date paste (approx. 400 grams)
1 packet of cookies (approx. 350 grams- I used pettit beurres)
1/2 cup of finely chopped nuts (we used pecan nuts)
1/4 cup sesame (use whole sesame if you have)
1/2 cup raisins- soaked in water or sweet wine
coconut for decoration (you can also use sesame)

Smash the cookies, mix them well with everything else.
Form small balls, roll them in coconut and place them in small paper liners.
Keep in the fridge. I even froze some.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

cooking time

Between taking care of my smallest one, feeding him, bathing him, laugh with him, I read (too many) food blogs and discovered some new ones.

Today I tried the pecan nut butter from the blog of "Cookie and Kate"... even though it did not turn out creamy (most probably because I don't have a food processor)- it is heavenly and we still have a lot of pecan nuts from last season left... I will do more!

I also treated myself with a version of this recipe for lunch... with fresh cherry tomatoes from our garden...

There are also other blogs I discovered and many things are waiting on my list to be cooked.... 

I am not a vegetarian but I hardly ever eat meat. (maybe once a week)
So I am always looking for new vegetarian recipes...
On my list is also this flatbread with figs (since it is season for figs right now) from "Love and Lemon".

 Here some more the other blogs I discovered:

feines gemuese

La Buena Vida

My little Fabric

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, 13 August 2012

in the heat of the summer

The middle of summer... I long so much for less humid and less hot days...
But there are things I love about summer here in Israel- the fresh fruits! Fresh figs, mangoes, passion fruits, prickly pears (or "sabres" as they are called here)....
In some evenings it is nice to go for a walk and enjoy a bit of a breeze and the last light of the day...
The smell of the frangipani...

Yesterday evening we walked with the girls to the edge of the kibbutz and lied on the grass, watching the stars and trying to see falling stars (meteor shower)...well- I guess we were a bit early and we did not see that many... but it was nice anyway.

... and Neomi finished her small bag. Helen so much wanted one too, that Neomi gave it to her as a present and now she is working on another one for herself.
Helen is taking the bag now every day with her to the daycare...

Saturday, 11 August 2012


I finally finished one of the tunics that are on my to-do-list for my maternity leave...
I bought the fabric a while back in the end of winter. Beautiful, juicy raspberry-red and a light shade of turquoise with golden rings (this one looks almost white on the pictures).
Now I hope I will have time to finish also the second tunic for Helen.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

jackson pollock

Some weeks ago we got a new book from someone- "Olivia"- about a little piggy and all the things she can do. At one point she goes with her mother and little brother to the museum and there's this painting of Jackson Pollock. She thinks that she can also paint like this and at home she tries...

... we tried too...

... and afterwards I hosed them down in the garden :o)

Monday, 6 August 2012

more felt

As promised- above a picture of the felt food I am currently sewing. A carrot, cucumber, egg, ravioli and teabags are ready so far. More parts are cut out and waiting for our trip to Switzerland where I will finish them.
The felt food will be a present for my niece and for my girls. Some three years ago I already made felt food for my older daughter and the girls still play with it a lot (and also the cats love to play with it...).

Seeing what I was sewing, Neomi also wanted to sew. I once wanted to teach her but she was not into it- now she really wanted and despite having to prepare dinner and feeding Yotam I took my time to teach her.
I opted for felt and not fabric since felt is in in my opinion easier to start with- less flexible. She chose colours for a small bag. We started with the heart applique and it went really well. She just did fine and I am so proud and happy that she likes it. She is not finished yet but already early this morning she continued with it. :o)

Yotam was happily smiling and babbling next to us... he's such a happy little boy!

role play

Yesterday my husband went back to work after two and a half months at home. I was busy all day with shopping, cleaning, visiting in the baby house, preparing dinner and some more stuff and suddenly it was almost time to get the girls from kindergarten and daycare...
I sometimes like to prepare some activity for them, but yesterday I totally forgot about it.... so in matter of 10 minutes I prepared for them a "doctor-box"- hoping this will keep them occupied a while (and it did for almost an hour)...

I just grabbed a shoe-box and collected some stuff like empty bottles and medicine boxes, a broken thermometer, plasters...
On top of the box came a white paper with a red cross and the girls later decorated the whole thing with stickers...
Of course the role-play-box could be nicer and with more "professional" stuff inside- but like this it's working too :o)

Friday, 3 August 2012

felt love

I need "small" projects right now. Things I can do without setting up a work space. I have a lot of things I want to sew- but to always clear the kitchen table and get out the sewing machine is not always an option.
I started to make more felt food- this is something I can always do on the sofa, in the garden or somewhere else... 
I will post pictures later.

Neomi got an invitation to a birthday party yesterday. Time is short and I have no time and possibility to drive to the closest town and buy something and I hate to buy some junk in our small shop here- so went for something handmade and created this necklace. It's easy to make.
I cut circles (with the puncher I use for paper) from left over felt pieces, added some wooden beads and three felt flowers. 
I think I will have to make myself one too :o)

I even think it could be a nice craft project for kids. Only the thing with the puncher can be a bit annoying- depending on the felt you use.

Have a nice weekend!