getting ready

I am preparing for our journey to Switzerland next week. The journals for the girls are ready. So far I made them one for each time we traveled to Switzerland and the last time Neomi also wrote everyday what she made (means- she told me what to write). Take also a look here.

I also prepared more story-telling-cards. The girls love them and Neomi is very good by now in making up stories. Helen is mostly describing what she can see on the cards, but that's good enough as a start. The idea is to choose some cards and make up a story involving what you can see on them. This will kill some time on the trip.

The other day the girls took out the basket with their crafting stuff... it often takes longer to tidy up afterwards than the time they actually create something...

Ah and yes.... we are not always happy and in a good mood... ;o)


vervlogen dagen said…
I think it's incredibly nice and creative to make these journals yourself! Something your children will appreciate even more when they are older' . Have fun in Switzerland.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful idea! Enjoy your stay in Switzerland. :)

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