more felt

As promised- above a picture of the felt food I am currently sewing. A carrot, cucumber, egg, ravioli and teabags are ready so far. More parts are cut out and waiting for our trip to Switzerland where I will finish them.
The felt food will be a present for my niece and for my girls. Some three years ago I already made felt food for my older daughter and the girls still play with it a lot (and also the cats love to play with it...).

Seeing what I was sewing, Neomi also wanted to sew. I once wanted to teach her but she was not into it- now she really wanted and despite having to prepare dinner and feeding Yotam I took my time to teach her.
I opted for felt and not fabric since felt is in in my opinion easier to start with- less flexible. She chose colours for a small bag. We started with the heart applique and it went really well. She just did fine and I am so proud and happy that she likes it. She is not finished yet but already early this morning she continued with it. :o)

Yotam was happily smiling and babbling next to us... he's such a happy little boy!


or said…
מהמם! יותם, התפירה של נומקי, האוכל לבד שלך! הכל מקסים מקסים
Oh, so cute play food you have sewn! I hope you don't mind I also pinned these, I think the cucumber for example is quite original. And what a wonderful picture of your daughter sewing, it is great, when children get into something being motivated by themselves :)

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