felt love

I need "small" projects right now. Things I can do without setting up a work space. I have a lot of things I want to sew- but to always clear the kitchen table and get out the sewing machine is not always an option.
I started to make more felt food- this is something I can always do on the sofa, in the garden or somewhere else... 
I will post pictures later.

Neomi got an invitation to a birthday party yesterday. Time is short and I have no time and possibility to drive to the closest town and buy something and I hate to buy some junk in our small shop here- so went for something handmade and created this necklace. It's easy to make.
I cut circles (with the puncher I use for paper) from left over felt pieces, added some wooden beads and three felt flowers. 
I think I will have to make myself one too :o)

I even think it could be a nice craft project for kids. Only the thing with the puncher can be a bit annoying- depending on the felt you use.

Have a nice weekend!


Darcy said…
I love this!!

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