jackson pollock

Some weeks ago we got a new book from someone- "Olivia"- about a little piggy and all the things she can do. At one point she goes with her mother and little brother to the museum and there's this painting of Jackson Pollock. She thinks that she can also paint like this and at home she tries...

... we tried too...

... and afterwards I hosed them down in the garden :o)


Anonymous said…
My kids adore this kind of work. So messy, so fun. It's all in the process. Love it! Thanks for the reminder.
Soooo süß!! Da sind ja echte Kunstwerke entstanden :-))
Liebste Grüße!
Great idea—we LOVE Olivia! In fact, she was the subject of a recent post on my blog too. I can't wait till my little peanut is old enough to enjoy painting. Every art project I attempt now just ends up a big mess.

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