cooking time

Between taking care of my smallest one, feeding him, bathing him, laugh with him, I read (too many) food blogs and discovered some new ones.

Today I tried the pecan nut butter from the blog of "Cookie and Kate"... even though it did not turn out creamy (most probably because I don't have a food processor)- it is heavenly and we still have a lot of pecan nuts from last season left... I will do more!

I also treated myself with a version of this recipe for lunch... with fresh cherry tomatoes from our garden...

There are also other blogs I discovered and many things are waiting on my list to be cooked.... 

I am not a vegetarian but I hardly ever eat meat. (maybe once a week)
So I am always looking for new vegetarian recipes...
On my list is also this flatbread with figs (since it is season for figs right now) from "Love and Lemon".

 Here some more the other blogs I discovered:

feines gemuese

La Buena Vida

My little Fabric

Have a wonderful day!


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