fire ball

Some years back I made "fire balls" for Neomi. That's how I call them- when they fly it looks like they have flames... Anyway- they started to look ugly so we decided to renew them.
They are a nice toy to play outside and you can use mostly things you already have at home and recycle them.

Cut some plastic bags open and then cut long stripes.
Collect all the stripes...
Take a piece of fabric (we used an old t-shirt) and place a ball in the middle.
Place all the plastic stripes underneath the ball. Them tie everything together with a string. Leave one end of the string long- that's where you can hold the ball later.
... and now let's play! Throw it high into the air, throw it as far as you can, swing it around in patterns...
Yotam got some plastic stripes tied to his trolley- he loves to watch them fly in the wind.


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