balloon balls

We had some days before the new school year started and the girls were at home all day. I had some small projects ready in case they were getting bored.
One thing we made were those balloon balls. I used to make them as a kid and they are easy to do- the small kids need help and the bigger ones can make them themselves. They are great for juggling, trying to hit targets (buckets, baskets...) or just squeeze them...

You need balloons, a filling (sand, rice, pearl barley) and a funnel. We don't have a funnel at home, so I used a rolled paper.

Fill a balloon with the filling. Push it inside to fill the balloon enough.
If you feel that you have enough filling, close the balloon with a knot and cut the remaining piece of the balloon.
Cut the long tube piece from another balloon and pull it over the ball. You can add as many layers of balloons as you like. You can also cut small holes in order to see the balloons underneath.


nic said…
oh, these are great, and i love the contrasting dots from the holes! you have the best projects--you are such a fun mom.

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