get over boredom

We originally planed to go to a kids concert with songs from the queens. My brother in law is the drummer in the band and the kids already wanted to go for a long time. Unfortunately the situation here in Israel did not get any better and the concert was cancelled.

Outside it was over 33 degrees and we preferred to stay inside. The girls were bored and drove me crazy. After playing some card games and telling stories I told them that I am not an entertainer and they should look for something to play themselves. Finally Neomi came up with a craft idea of making "brides and grooms"- very much like the rapunzel-dolls they made last year.
Luckily I had some 16 toilet-paper-rolls "on stock" and they glued and stapled and cut and draw for almost one hour. In the end there was even a "wedding ceremony" for all those dolls. :-)

We also made some funny movies with my cellphone- like those ones here from "El hada de papel".

Meanwhile Yotam played nicely with his railway.

 Hoping for calmer days without rockets and injured and dead people...


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