some sewing done

Finally some picture of the results of my very few sewing hours. I wish I would get to more.
I sew a blanket, wipes and a lavender-sachet for a very dear friend of mine who gave birth in May. I have to be very patient and wait until winter to be able to see the little girl.
I loved the combination of the colours for the blanket. The happy yellow and fresh blue.

For Yotam I sew a small bag for his 2nd birthday a month ago. I took the same pattern as I took for Helen's bag- a pattern I made myself (like I mostly do).
I choose fabric I still had "on stock"- dark blue and dark lilac-grey with tiny stars- lined with a red fabric with white dots.

He loves his new bag and carries it every morning to the day care and back- or places it in a small wooden trolley he likes to push.


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