I really did not start this blog to write about political things… but sometimes I just can't keep quiet.

Again this region of the world is in turmoil.

It's making me sick- this hatred everywhere.
In the anonymity of the internet and also in social networking some boundaries seem not to exist and the ugly face of hatred is showing his face even more. Some people just don't seem to be able to differ between right and wrong. Some people are blind and unable to see another human being behind the word "Arab" or "Jew". There are bad people on both sides but I refuse to believe that all of "them" are bad. But that's exactly what a lot of people think. On this side they hate "the Arabs" (meaning mostly the Muslim- Arabs), on the other side they hate "the Jews"… and what do we get from this except for violence?

Why do we waste energy on hating and not on getting to know each other? Why do we not use energy on building a future together? Why stocking up on weapons and not on knowledge, creativity and innovation? Why to waste money on both sides on killing each other instead of using this money for good education?

Call me naïve. Tell me that I only think like this because I grew up in Switzerland and I come from a different culture. You know what- you might be partially right. It is often hard for Europeans to truly understand that there are other systems and cultures that value other things. But it does not make it wrong to think that we could live side by side and prosper together.
I pray that a way will be found to stop this newest wave of violence.

Now you can go back and enjoy your morning coffee…


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