math games

We have 2 months school holidays in summer here. I want to make sure that Neomi is not forgetting all of the things she learned in 1st grade. It should be a playful learning. Anyway- she can't sit still and needs movement to learn. In addition Helen is showing a keen interest in learning numbers and letters.
I got some ideas and inspiration from pinterest.

We made a number labyrinth. I drew a table on the floor, filled in numbers so they will be connected to a path and filled the blank cells with random numbers. The goal is to jump/ walk through the labyrinth. Later we threw stones and named the numbers (Helen) where the stones landed or added two numbers (Neomi) or multiplied the numbers times 2 and 3 (Neomi). Endless possibilities. 

I created another game with an egg-carton. I wrote tasks (do you call it like this?) and placed them in the carton. Take a cube, shake the closed carton and open- solve the problem.
I made one for Helen with only Numbers- to be named or to be filled with something (buttons, marbles, etc) according to the number stated.


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