helping and hoping

We are so very lucky to live in an area with a relatively low risk that a rocket will hit us. So far we had not to go to the shelters.

Actually we should be in the middle of building/ renovating. We live in a house with 4 apartments and we want to combine two apartments to one- same for the other two apartments where another family will live.
But we have difficulties getting the construction permit. It's more or less a political thing... I guess it would be easier if we would be settlers (yes I am being cynical).
Anyway- the people that lived in the other apartments already left months ago and now we have space to host people that want to escape the rocket fire in the South.
Right now we have a mother with 3 kids from Ashdod. They basically spent the last week completely indoors- mostly in the shelter... afraid even to go to the toilet. 

So I am tremendously grateful for:

* being able to take a shower without the fear of sirens starting to howl (yes and also for even having water for a shower- because in gaza they have water shortage)

* being able to sleep 

* being able to eat our meals in quiet outside in the garden

* being able to go to work

* having no big worries about the kids and that they can continue to enjoy their summer with their friends

* being able to listen to birds sing instead of blasts

and more...

We all do hope that the ceasfire will hold and that a solution will be found that will bring permanent quiet on both sides in which we all will have the chance to prosper.

12:40 Small update:
First time sirens here- while I was eating lunch. I run to the shelter at work. Terribly worring about the kids (the big ones can run to the shelter, the smaller ones will hide inside the daycare, which is not safe). I am still all shaky. I lost my appetite.
Seems like Hamas is stepping up their activity. They don't want the ceasefire.


Oh nein!
Wie geht es dir und deiner Familie inzwischen? Alles okay?
Ich denke an euch!
rahel said…
Hallo Melanie- Ja wir sind okay. Aber ich habe nicht ruhig geschlafen. Frage mich, wie das die Leute weiter im Sueden unten und in Gaza aushalten. Die zwei Kleineren sind ruhig- sie verstehen das ganze noch nicht so. Aber Neomi ist mit 7 Jahren in einem Alter, in dem mann sehr wohl versteht, was passiert. Sie hatte ziemliche Panik gestern und jeder groessere Laerm (vorallem Flugzeueg) liess sie zusammenzucken... Heute scheint sie wieder ruhig zu sein. Vielen Dank fuer deine Komentare!
Wuensche dir einen schoenen Tag,

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