a man of peace died

He was a man of peace- at least that's the image have in my head. 
For me it is today as if the last spark of hope for peace died… This might not be true, but it feels like it right now.

Shimon Peres died. 93 years. A life so full, it is hard to comprehend, hard to put in words- it would fill books. 
Looking back not everything was perfect- but for me he was a great man of peace, a man with dreams, a man with a vision.

I once even met him and shook his hand- that was 11 years ago at an event for former kibbutz volunteers. I will remember this moment.

Since some time I want to visit the Peres Center For Peace in Tel Aviv. I should really do so one day.

Here a link to a nice, funny, short movie- Shimon Peres is looking for a new job in 2014 after his term as president of Israel.

May he rest in peace. May many people be inspired by his vision and his dreams.

image by tracy walker


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