In the last days of August the day care was closed and the kids were at home all day for a week. Some days my mother in law took care of them, some days my husband and some days I took off from work to be with them.

One day we started with a walk in the morning, We searched for some straight sticks. First they played a game they like where you place the sticks in a certain space from each other and jump over them- each time enlarging the space between the sticks.

We measured the sticks and marked them so each one had a measuring stick.

They started to measure all kinds of things on our walk.

And they also measured how far they can jump (probably also inspired by the Olympic games).

At home (after all it's getting way too hot outside after 9 or 10) they continued to measure things- tables, beds, fridge....

... and themselves.

We continued to a construction part- see next post.


Zena said…
This is a fantastic learning activity and I must do this with my kids. They will love it.
Zena said…
This is a fantastic learning activity. I must do this with my kids, they will love it.

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