drawing cards for the kids

Rosh HaShana is getting closer- the Jewish New Year.
That also means, that we parents need to prepare cards for the kids with good wishes for the new year- they usually hang them in the kindergarten/ school.
I like to make them small drawings.
This year I made a small pomegranate-king that holds an apple. Both fruits have a connection to the Jewish New Year. The pomegranate because of various reasons- but I guess mainly because this is the season of those red, juicy fruits.
Apples are dipped in honey for a sweet new year.

The cards are not finished yet- I still need to choose a background and write something.

I need to start to draw again. I used to draw a lot but in the last years I did it less and less... I feel that I am a bit "rusty" and I should practice a bit more. :-)


Liebe Rahel,
deine Karten sind total hübsch geworden!
Ich finde den Brauch sehr nett :-)
Ganz liebe Grüße aus Bayern

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