After measuring things, we continued to do some construction activities.
I prepared some "stations" for them.

Construction with toothpicks and marshmallows/ raisins, straws and pipe cleaners, cardboard and straws, toilet paper rolls and long wooden sticks, building blocks...
There are a lot of ideas on pinterest- my never ending source of inspiration.

Some things they can try to build  according to images I found on the internet here.

I planned to continue to look with them at famous buildings in the world and do some more construction/ architecture stuff. But on that day I got so upset about some personal stuff that I lost all my energy and will to do something creative with the kids. I was in a bad and "depressed" mood all this day... so now there are still some activities waiting. 

I love to prepare things like this for our kids. I guess it's the teacher-side in me :-)


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