yarn along

I am joining Ginny for the "yarn along" (she is knitting a beautiful pattern).
I am still knitting baby-mittens. I improved the pattern because I did not really manage to make a nice finishing last time. I also made the pattern for the "snowflake" myself this time.

Since I basically only have enough time to knit on weekends, the process is slow. But fortunately those mittens are a fast knit.

I am reading "Go set a watchman" by Harper Lee. I quite enjoy it even if I do not understand all the historic connections. 


fjord girl said…
So I am wondering if it ever gets cold enough for the kids to wear mittens where you live? Are you planning a trip home- either way they are adorable.
rahel said…
Hi Camilla- it actually does get cold enough on a few days a year- especially on the bike :-) The mittens are for the babies of a friend of mine in Switzerland (should really finish them otherwise they will already too big to wear them...).

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