back home

Back home again. We had a great time in Tel Aviv. I wanted to take pictures but then I just left the camera in the car. Disapointing was the fleemarket. So many things I hoped to find... I saw a few things, but they were just terribly expensive so in the end we bought nothing.
Today I did my favourite thing in Tel Aviv- fabric-shopping. There is a whole street full of fabric shops and you can find nice fabric for a low price. Now I just need time to actually make something with all the fabric I bought.
We ate lunch in a small chinese restaurant with great food. We just sat there with friends- a dancer, a drummer and an actress... and we two "country bumpkins"- it was so nice to just sit there in the small backyard under trees with red lanterns and talk about art and music and languages and army (well- that's a inevitable subject in Israel) and other things...
In the picture you can see me playing around with the camera in the hotel.


What a lovely picture. Almost Audrey Hepburnesk!
Camilla~ Bloom said…
Well hello Gorgeous!

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