ready for advent

I still can't believe it- but I managed to finish the advent caledar in time for Advent! Outside it is still 30 degrees and it does not feel like Advent at all. I guess I will never get used to it.
Now I will only have to find small presents to put in the pockets for each day.


Camilla~ Bloom said…
This is really clever...I keep on buying the German advents calender..but I think you have inspired me to make something like this with pockets...I like how it becomes a tradition reusing it every year.
Good for you. I'm still thinking about making one, but unless I hurry up, it will be just thinking. I love this one.
Good for you! I'm thinking of making one too, but unless I hurry up, that's all there is; thinking about it. I love to read about your swiss traditions by the way!
shilgia said…
We always had a calendar like this as children. The presents inside were not big- a small chocolate, some raisins, some dry apples, small stickers... It is just so nice to keep this tradition.

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