Tomorrow is the first of December and in our house it just does not look like Advent at all... yesterday I took out the light-garland and tried to make something more festive with it. I cut stars from thin cardboard, punched some holes into it and tied always two together. Very simple, but I like the result. Now I just need to do a lot of them to cover all the light.

So many things to do- I just don't have the time I need.
Advent and "Samichlaus" (Almost like Santa- he comes in Switzerland on the 6th of December and I just love this tradition, but it is hard to keep it up here. We usually celebrate Christmas with others and then a Santa is comming... so I might skip "Samichlaus".).
Hannukah will start on Thursday- the jewish holiday of the lights. Helen will turn one next week and I should also get the Christmas-presents ready to ship to my sisters in Switzerland.....

Have a nice day!


polwig said…
Love these ornaments. In Poland we have Saint Nick come on Nov 6 also and you receive gifts from the Angel under the Christmas tree. This year I need to figure out a way to have Saint Nick and Santa come, semi logical way, twins are 3 ;)
Camilla~ Bloom said…
I know what you mean with little time...grr, that is the one thing I don't like about the holidays.
Lights make all the difference during the darkness of winter. My daughter Sophia will be 13 on Dec 13 (Santa Lucia) the day of lights- we are really going to celebrate with lots of candles.

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