getting a break

I like to take pictures of nature- mostly of small details- well, at least i am trying. But I also like old stuff- like this picture of the wheel of an old tricycle we have in the garden.
Tomorrow me and my husband will go for a "pre-weekend" to Tel Aviv. It will be the first time since 3 and a half years that we will have so much time for only the two of us. Some quality time without the kids. Although I already know that I will terribly miss them, I also look very much forward to the big city :o)


Have a good one overthere! And I like your black and white pics! What's with the name change?
rahel said…
We had a great time, thanks!
Why a name change? When I opened this blog-account over two years ago I used a nickname- "shilgia"- means "snow-white". Now I thought I prefer my real name.

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