and the winners are...

Since only three people commented on my give-away all three of them are winners. I guess it is holiday-time and most of you out there are away and taking time off....

Petra, Darcy and Melanie- as soon as I will have your adresses, the pony-tail holders will be on their way!

And I am trying to think about something good to cook for dinner this evening.... I feel like rice with a good sauce...


Reis ist immer super! Bei mir gibt es heute Fisolen aus dem Garten! *yummi* Schönen Sonntag noch! Liebste Grüße! Eri
Ich hab noch nie was gewonnen!
Aber es war dieses Mal auch zu einfach ;-) Zum Glück hat deine Verlosung wohl jeder übersehen.
Vielen lieben DAnk!
Ich schick dir nachher gleich noch meine Adresse!
Ganz liebe Grüße
Darcy said…
Yay!! Now that P has long hair I NEED ponytail holders, plus your's are beautiful, please email me at and I'll send you my address (sorry if you've already emailed, we just got back from vacation an hour ago).

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