a week passed

Sunday and Monday were the last two days in the day-care for the girls. Tomorrow they will start in their new day-cares... moving up in the age-groups.
So on Tuesday we went to visit friends who live next to the beach- it was a great evening and the girls loved to be inside the warm water and play in the sand.

Since Wednesday I am a bit sick- I have a cold- the most annoying thing to have in the middle of the summer. 

We played with light-sticks in the evening.

Neomi wanted to clean the bathroom and scrubbed the place shiny... (I hate our bathroom- can't wait for a new one one day...)

I cut out the pieces for the girl's dresses for the wedding of my sister... well- it should look something like the above in the end. I will have to hurry to get them ready in time.

Neomi and I spent time with our "story-telling-cards"- you need to pick 3-5 cards and tell a story with them. Neomi is getting quite good in it :o)
I made the cards myself- just printed some pictures and glued them on paper. I got the idea from here.

My first ever try with this style of sewing (I guess it is called "free motion sewing, but I am not sure). I like the work of those artist- see here and here and they inspired me. This I made as part of a present for my husband- his birthday is next week.

Doing some more water painting in the heat....

Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh, wie schön - ein Wochenende am Strand!! Ich liiiebe das Meer und den Strand! Leider, leider ist es von Wien relativ weit zu einem ordentlichen Sandstrand *grins*
Das Kleidchen für die Hochzeit sieht wundervoll aus. Die Kombination von grau und creme ist super!
Liebste Grüße!

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