Okay- today I will post loads of pictures. Let's see what we did during the past week...

Playing with paper, puncher, glue...

Playing with the wooden beads- keeping Helen busy for almost ONE hour!!! Filling cups and plates and try to get them on the "pipe-cleaning-thing".
(Wie sagt man Pfeiffenputzer auf Englisch???)

eating water-melon

I got a very nice present from Petra (find her blog here)- thanks, thanks, thanks!!! :o) A cellphone-cover that is matching the bag my mother made for me from a swiss-army-blanket. How absolutely nice is it to get a present from someone you only know through blogging?

And the present came with a card from lovely paper.

eating mango

tons of grapes from the garden... you can step by and get some for free...


playing with the wooden cubes outside on the porch in the early morning

and last but not least:

a coffee to start the day... :o)


Oh, ihr ward aber fleißig! Die Fotos von Deinen Mädchen sind total süß! Ich wusste gar nicht, dass Wassermelone so abfärbt ;-) Genieß Deinen Kaffee! Liebste Grüße! Eri
stampedconcrete said…
great post .. nice activity for the kids .. and i bet she gets hungry .. she's so cute while eating her watermelon .. thanks for sharing this one .. such a great family .. god bless your family ..

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